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Shopping in Panama

Panama is well known for been one of the cheapest countries when it comes to shopping time. Here you could find cheap Chinese clothes, shoes, kitchen appliances, home decoration, furniture, back yard furniture and all you need for your home improvement. Albrook Mall, Los Pueblos and MetroMall are the best for this.

You could also find fancy and elegant stores such as Carolina Herrera, Louis Viutton, Givenchy, Cartier, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren among others, Multiplaza and MultiCentro are the best places for this.

If you are looking for merchandise, you must go to Zona Libre in the province of Colon. This free zone is the best to buy electronic devices, wholesale merchandise, perfumes, shoes, hand bags, accessories and all you can imagine.

Albrook Mall

Albrook Mall is a nice and big mall where you and your family will spend a good time shopping, eating and having fun. This mall is located in Albrook area, therefore the name of it, you could get a taxi from the city and pay around 5 or 8 dolars per way. You could also ask our guide to stop for shopping during the Panama City Tour or the Panama Canal Tour, if you feel like lunch in the mall also ask our guide for that. Feel free to ask for a drop of at the mall at the end of any tour.

In this place you'll expect to walk a lot since is the biggest mall in Panama, you could also expect to find big department stores Macy's styled, such as Stevens, Conway, La Onda, El Titan, Collins, among others, and of course a big food court with more than 50 restaurants and a carrousel in the middle of it for the little ones.

Albrook Mall is divided by sections and each section has an animal name. You'll find the Kanguro, the Hipo, the Delfin (dolphin), the Elefante (elephant), the Dino, the Gorila (gorrilla), the Rino (rhino), the Leon (lion), the Jirafa (giraffe), the Pinguino (penguin), the Panda, the Cebra (zebra) and the Tigre (tiger).

The main attractions of the mall are the climbing wall, the carrousel, the cinema, the food courts (there are 2) and the shopping of course.

If you are flying to one of the province you could make a quick stop before your departure flight since the mall is 5 minutes from the Marcos A. Gelabert (Albrook Aiport) airport.

Multiplaza Pacific

Mutliplaza Pacific Mall is the most exclusive shopping mall in Panama City, is located in Punta Pacifica, also an exclusive neighborhood in the city.

Multiplaza has to offer more than 230 stores, a food court, a cinema, a supermarket: Ribasmith, that offers great quality products and imported food also, there is a train for the little ones that makes a tour around the mall.

This mall offers the exclusive "discount passport" that will provide you with good deals in most of the 230 shops of Multiplaza, this discount also includes the Luxury Avenue, with the most upscale brands, like, Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Givenchy, Cartier, Armani, Louis Vuitton, Carolina Herrera, Ralph Lauren among others. Most stores accept credit cards and euros.

The Marriott Courtyard hotel is integrated to Multiplaza Pacific, as well as the John Hopkins Hospital.

You could also ask our guide to stop for shopping during the Panama City Tour or the Panama Canal Tour, if you feel like lunch in the mall also ask our guide for that. Feel free to ask for a drop of at the mall at the end of any tour.


MultiCentro is located in front of the Balboa Avenue and has access from the Cinta Costera. Right next door is Bennigan's Tabern an Irish styled tabern that offers great food and party at night. There is also Extreme Planet, a great cinema and bowling site.

MultiCentro has to offer a variety of local stores, with year round discounts and promotions, it also has a food court, an arcade for kids, a Casino (the Majestic Casino, with live show and prizes for the winners!), MultiCentro features El Parkin, a place for paint ball, ping pong, go cars and golfito, this are activities for kids and teenagers. the mall is integrated with the Radisson Decapolis Hotel that features a modern design and a world-class accommodations and exceptional service.

MultiCentro has an spectacular outdoor restaurants and events every night, that features live music shows.

Hard Rock Cafe Panama, is located inside MultiCentro and the cafe features over 45 flat screen monitors and a "state of the art" sound system not easily found in Central America. The 97-foot Fender Stratocaster guitar, hanging from the ceiling, serves as the centerpiece for this exciting cafe. It is only rivaled by the classic Les Paul guitar which soars 49 feet into the air just outside the main entrance to the MultiCentro shopping & entertainment complex.


MetroMall is located in the Avenida Domingo Díaz, Vía Tocumen, the same avenue that take you to the international airport of Tocumen.

The mall will feature 130.000 M² and will allow more than 300 stores. The mall is now open to the public, there are various department stores such as Titan, Stevens, El Costo, El Machetazo that also features as a supermarket, the mall also features Cinepolis a great cinema, Niko's Cafe, Panafoto, La Riviera among others.

Colon Free Zone

Colon Free Zone has a segregated area of 450 hectares, this zone is located at the entrance of the Panama Canal on the Caribbean side, in the Province of Colon.

Colon Free Zone is considered the second largest free zone in the world, and the first in the Western Hemisphere. Due to its unequaled geographic position and its access to four important ports in the Caribbean and one on the Pacific, deemed to be the most modern of Latin America, it is what we can call an International Ports Center.

The ports located in the Zone are the following: the Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT), Colon Ports Terminal, Colon Container Terminal (Evergreen), Panama Ports Company (Hutchinson Wampoa) with the Cristobal terminal in the Caribbean and the Port of Balboa in the Pacific.

In addition to the ports located next door of the free zone, facing the free zone one finds the following transportation services:

  • France Field Airport.
  • Panama Railroad Terminal.
  • Access to the Panama-Colon Highway.
  • Cruise ship terminals.
  • Land transportation terminals.

In areas close to the Colon Free Zone the visitors will be able to enjoy a variety of attractions such as: scuba diving, snorkeling, angling, surfing, history and culture considered Historic Patrimony for Mankind by UNESCO, Caribbean gastronomy, Afro-Antillean folklore and traditions, eco-touristic activities, and much more.

When carrying out your purchases and for the exit of the merchandise from the area, you can contact a re-packing company (through the establishment where you did your purchases); or you can send your merchandise to the Airport.


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