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Real Estate in Panama

A great many options exist in Panama to invest in the real estate sector. So if you are searching for where to efficiently invest your money, we recommend that you visit Panama City to learn about the incredible real estate opportunities that are available.

The eyes of the world are turning to Panama and investment is increasing each day. The country’s economy is stable in comparison to the rest of Latin America and South America. It has a stable economic position, supported by the Panama Canal, the dollarization of its currency, its Free Trade Zone and international bank.

The economy has recorded strong growth in recent years, and is expected to grow more than 7% in 2011 and 2011 (sic) according to reports by the International Monetary Fund for these years. These rates clearly show Panama to be an attractive investment for both nationals and foreigners. All of these factors, together with the initiatives carried out to stimulate the tourist sector, are encouraging all kinds of investment to look towards Panama.

Panama is a country with limitless attractions to offer its visitors. A total population of 3 million inhabitants, it is a country with a tropical climate that offers visitors many attractions such as beaches, islands, heritage forestry, rainforests and a vibrant city.

Panama City is the largest and most modern city in the country and has a population of around 1.5 million. It has a variety of restaurants, hotels, banks and services available to satisfy almost any need. It is easy to travel to Panama, with flights arriving from major European and US cities. Go Panamá will help you explore your options for property investment in Panama. A very popular option in Panama for those looking for a property investment is to combine a business trip with pleasure travel. Enjoy your vacation in Panama while exploring real estate with Go Panamá. It is the local tour operator that offers you complete service and will organize your entire travel itinerary when traveling to Panama, planning your entire vacation with a view towards investment.

We offer you the opportunity of visiting Panama City’s attractions, with tours of the major tourist, business, entertainment and rural areas so that you may learn about the investment options available to you in the country. If you are searching for someplace peaceful and beautiful, whether it is to live or to invest, you should consider visiting Panama in Latin America. Moreover, it is difficult from abroad to choose an appropriate property – the Go Panamá team can help we also recomend you to search for a property in Encuentra24.

You may start your trip by getting to know the vibrant and festive capital where you will be able to visit the many real estate projects, choosing the most suitable to your tastes. You can visit projects with ocean side views, cabins, villas, apartments, homes, property and land. A tour will allow you to compare the great variety that the country has to offer. We will take care of everything to make your stay in Panama more pleasant.

Panama is a friendly country to live in, with incentives for retirees, a low crime rate, ethnic diversity and on top of this, the country’s tropical beauty offers you a different retirement option. Your age is not important. If you what you want is to purchase a property – whether to invest in a new property, a second home, retire or make a business investment, or for fun – Go Panamá is your best choice. Whatever your preference, there is a property for you – with the added advantage that foreign income is not subject to Panamanian taxes.


Go Panamá can put together a package suited to your needs.

- We will take care of arranging all of the logistics, including flights, lodging in a hotel or vacation rental, activities, airport transportation, travel in Panama with a personal English-speaking guide.

- Get in touch with us using our website form or by phone.

Our personalized tour will provide you an overview of the Panamanian real estate market, allowing you to make a decision that best suits your budget.


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