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Duration: 3 Days
Starting Price: USD $290,00
Meals Full Meals


The Kuna Yala or San Blas Archipelago is part of the autonomous region of the country run by the Kuna Indians, includes about 400 islands, sandy beaches, coconut palms. 

The Kuna people retain it's cultural identity and autonomy, and does not allow foreigners to own land. 

Their religion and their customs are very interesting, the traditional dress of the Kuna women is particularly striking: the Mola which means clothes. 

Yandup Island, offers a cottage with a thatched roof on the Caribbean Sea. The location is idyllic is situated on a private island about 10 minutes by boat from Playon Chico.  The accommodation on the island is made of wood and bamboo with thatched roofs and respects the traditional buildings of the region. 

The rooms are simple but have a double bed with mosquito net, bathroom inside the room, running water. The accommodation includes three meals. It is a paradise.

If you want learn more about wildlife in the region, visit the mangrove forests that surround the coast of Playon Chico. In general, the mangrove is the most common type of vegetation on the banks and is often a refuge for all kinds of birds and reptiles, including alligators.